Missing People

I haven’t been around people for a couple of weeks and I’m not feeling very good physically, I’m depressed and anxious. It sucks.

Tonight is my nephews birthday and I just sent my husband off to a family gathering without me.  I just don’t feel well enough to even be around family. I love them but can’t handle it right now. Though I would love some one on one time with my sis-in-law, I miss her.

I’m in one of those moods where I am finding it really difficult to write or express myself.  Yet I did say I would post every day so here I am!

Blog post posted….


  1. Give yourself time to take care of yourself. I hope you can pull yourself out of your funk here pretty soon.


  2. how long has the depression lasted or does it quickly come and go every other week or day? It sounds like you’re going on a month. When this happens to me, it lasts a long time and means my anti depressant ‘pooped out’ (this is a joking clinical term I heard behind closed doors at a treatment center and I don’t think it’s funny in the least. When was last time meds checked for efficacy?


    1. Actually I am probably do need a med change because I’m just not sure when I felt good last. I know it hasn’t been too too long, but it seems to get longer the more time goes on. Thanks for the suggestion.


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