Social Media

In some ways I think that all the social media that we have these days is a huge mistake. Kids are spending more time with their electronics than playing and enjoying life outside.  We text instead of talking and post anonymously about things we believe in.

Yet if I never had a computer, I would never have met my husband. I wouldn’t half this blog as an outlet and I wouldn’t be able to see all the wonderful things going on with my family in Canada.

Social Media definitely has its place in our world. Hopefully we can find a nice balance before we all turn into shut ins..

One comment

  1. with a learning disability and yet yearning to publish a book and do something so simple as edit a blooper facebook post, social media is the bane of my existence but the way I reach others. Thank god I have a marketable skill. I write. I do a skills barter with a girl for whole ESL. I write her promo materials and personal trainer blog after she tells me what she’d like to say! I was paying a guy but he screwed up my iTunes and doesn’t even do wp analytics (which I want to learn) even though wordpress is his professional outreach platform. Every time they add something like Pingback, Gravatar or Quora I have to sigh and save it because I don’t have an extra three hours to figure it out.


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