A Good Start

Today I went to see my shrink and she increased my pristiq because it seems to be helping some. I’m getting a little more involved in things and am looking forward to doing more.

Did I mention I love my shrink. We have so much in common, it feels like visiting a friend. She explained to me while I am emotionally shut off from people right now. Apparently when you are in a depressive state for a long time you put up all sorts of walls and when you start coming out of that depression sometimes it is still hard to drop those walls and be vulnerable. I agree with her. I’ve blocked out feelings for so long, not even allowing myself to cry at a sad moment. Now it’s hard for me to laugh out loud or cry or any other emotion. I’m working on it though.

I’m glad I have such a good doctor. I’m thankful for her.  Do you have a shrink or doctor you like a great deal?



  1. I’m so glad you connect with your doctor! I also love mine but not necessarily for the same kinds of reasons. Mine is kind but also very “professional.” She is wickedly brilliant with medications though and also collaborative in the sense that she listens to me and my concerns and ideas before making any decisions. She is not authoritative at all. I really appreciate that in my doctor. She also seems to genuinely care about her patients which is important even though she has a ridiculously large case load. So yes, I love my doctor. Lol.


  2. Hi:) Ive had a number of different providers because Ive moved around a lot. Ive found that those with many years of experience are often the best. I have found that the therapist often believes my abuse stories but if I tell my prescriber they dont readily believe me and adjust the meds instead. I dont like that. Ive had some bad experiences that actually did happen.


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