Exciting Things & Boring Things

I have posted over 500 posts and now have almost 400 followers. I don’t understand it but I’m excited someone wants to read what I am saying, So thank you!

I’ve been getting involved with Facebook more and more as it helps alleviate the loneliness and I only have people I care about on there so I can be myself.

I’m super stressed right now about hubbies upcoming trip but at least my mom in law is going to come and stay over for the four nights he is gone. I’m so thankful for her. My sister in law and her invited me out for a beer today but I just wasn’t up to it because of the stress. Going out is hard enough.

Last night I rode to MacDonald’s with hubby I didn’t want to go so I went. I wish I could do that more. It’ll take time but I’ll get there. I don’t want to be lonely anymore.

Beautiful Day Today

Today was a beautiful day followed by a gorgeous sunset.

I woke up in a good mood and showered, that’s always a good sign. Later on I took both my dogs for a walk. I didn’t need to wear anything but a sweatshirt. How is that for a winter day in January.

Nothing is typical. The weather is weird, my moods are weird.

They are putting tile flooring in our home. How amazing is that. That’s where we took that picture from.

On a last exciting note I reached 300 followers today. How crazy is that? I appreciate that people like to read what I say. I also appreciate that people take the time to comment. Thank you everyone!