sex life

Sex Drive

Since my brain has changed and I’ve had a full hysterectomy my sex drive is mostly null and void. I love being close with my husband so when we do have sex I like to think of it as something extra special. I usually end up sore afterwards and am reminded of it for a few days.

Today was one of those days that we decided to have sex, it has been a couple months and hubbies body didn’t seem to know what to do with the fact that it was actually going to get some. It makes me feel bad when he has erectile problems but what can we do, if you aren’t allowed to pop your head up, you likely would keep it low too. We did manage to finally get into it and I’m glad. I’m always glad afterwards. It’s the getting into it that I’m not great about.  I wonder if hormones would help me.

I’m going to have to have my physical soon so I will ask then.

Anyhow at least today’s blog wasn’t about depression.