Here In Vegas!!

It was a lovely drive me and hubby sat and talked a little and listened to a wide variety of music. When he was busy driving I would just stare at his face, the way it’s changed. How wonderfully handsome I still think he is 13 years later and how lucky I am to have him. When we got here we took a walk towards the strip, neither of us are in that great of shape so we got about a mile and a half and then turned back to get some dinner! So far I am having a great time. There is a gigantic bathtub here, honestly delightful and dinner was marvelous. My mood has been mostly up today. I’ve had several self hate minutes but I talked to hubby about it and it helped a lot. Wish you were here!

Our Hotel

Our Hotel


  1. Lol, I completely missed your last comment from yesterday. Hotel looks nice, last time I was there was at MGM.
    That app is called MediSafe. It’s cute. When you take your scheduled pills you can shake it to dismiss the notification and it sounds like a bottle of pills.


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