I Hate World of Warcraft!!!

Today I’m pissed, but I am actually pissed for a reason. I have played this World of Warcraft since 1 year after it came out, so maybe 9 years with a break or two. I’m a completest so I collect all the pets and mounts and do all the achievements.

I hate the way the game has changed and I hate the way it forces me to PVP (player vs player) to make an achievement that in of itself takes a full year or longer to get all the things done for. It made me realize that no matter how hard I work at things it will just take my time and money and give me no sense of satisfaction. I waited a full year to try again but things are so unbalanced that I will never get this achievement.

People who don’t play online roleplaying games really don’t understand this feeling. I play 4 different games just to get my thrill. I think it’s a form of gambling and I think it’s an addiction that I should just quit doing. I feel like I am nerd raging right now.

Rift – Which is an awesome game for creativity, if you have an unending flow of cash and the need to build this game it fun. I literally have spent 10000 though. 😦  Yes that’s dollars I didn’t have.

WoW – If you like neverending questing or crappy pvp this game is for you! The graphics are lovely but the game itself is like the song that never ends. I’ve already spent a couple of hundred dollars since I came back.. regret much? omg yes

Guild Wars – Now if you like PVP this is a great game! However there are lots of little things to spend your money on. I’ve probably spent about 1500ish.

Marvel Heroes – This game is great if you like picking up shining and like a more diablo play style. Again though with heroes and outfits I have spent at least 2000+ dollars

If you have some self control three of these games are free-to-play and you can still have a really good time. WoW isn’t though it requires a subscription and your fucking soul. I really need something new to do with my life, it makes me sad just writing all this crap out.. Years and cash down the drain..  I feel like I’ve been robbed.



  1. I played WoW for a couple months my Freshman year in college… I knew it would eat my soul, so I stopped. It is a nice escape from reality, especially when reality is being so shitty to you. Take a break for awhile and pick up a hobby you can do outside… I feel my best when I force myself into the real world once in awhile.


  2. MMORPGs used to be great fun for me, they were a way of life at one point. In retrospect though that they co-existed FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR too well with depression. They enable the seclusion and hours and hours and days of immobile ‘stasis’ that really gives depression all the room it needs to find some fuel.

    I was a complete gaming addict, playing HC open world PVP MMOs and giving up gaming is one of the best things I’ve ever done, second only to giving up drinking, as far as my mental health goes.

    Going cold turkey on anti-depressants is foolish – I would say the opposite for gaming is true.

    Best of luck, srsly, wow nab! (j/k :P)



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