New Medicine

Today was ok. I played some diablo and watched some TV. Got no painting done and really didn’t accomplish much. I did go see my shrink today and she gave me a medication that should help me focus more on things. I have a habit/problem of not being able to do anything for more than 5-15 mins. I think I might have ADD, she thinks it might be because of anxiety and the general bipolarity.

So the new medicine is what we are going to try and see if it can help with my general malaise. It’s supposed to make me feel more motivated and less irritable. We shall see. Honestly I am willing to try anything as long as my problems get better.

I trust my shrink. That’s more than I can say for most people.


  1. i take ritalin for the same thing, as well as for keeping me from staying in bed 18 hours a day. it helps a lot, but aggravates my anxiety a bit. i take xanax to control that. i feel like the two meds might be cancelling each other out, but i think i feel much better with them than without them. i hope your new med helps!


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