Family Dinner 2

Tonight is the night mom & sis in law come over for dinner. I’m actually looking forward to seeing some people. I have been dreading it before now.

Physically I am starting to feel a little better. It’s nice to not wake up with a head full of cotton for a change. My allergies are so shitty.

Today I’ve swept the front porch and ordered my new cell phone. I rocked that call. I was funny and outgoing it seemed like I was a completely different person.. Well I’m always a little funny. 😛

I’ve decided when I get my new phone I will start going out at least once a day and taking a picture of whatever I see. So there will likely be photos along with my blog posts.  I’m posting the idea here because it makes me more accountable. Me and my BFF did this once before. It was on my other blog, but I’m trying to work on just this one for now.

I miss her so much. She was so good at kicking my ass and keeping me motivated. I want to do this for her, I want her to see from where ever she is now and be proud of me.


Usually they mean well in everything they do, well the good ones anyhow. However my hubby thought it was a great idea to shut my blog alarm off before we watched the last of Supernatural.

So I did not post yesterday, I’m frustrated but really there is nothing you can do if you miss something. Just try to be more attentive to things.

Today I am feeling tired. I dunno why I slept my normal 10 hours. I am just super tired and bored.

I’m out of weed, not stopping, just out.  Which is also frustrating.

So I’m sleepy, frustrated and bored.

Sorry there is nothing interesting to read today.