Fridays and Weather

It’s always interesting when a storm comes through. Will it be a little rain? 100mph sheer winds? Tornado? Who really honestly knows when a cold front hits a warm front what will happen.

Today we just have some rain and just a little at that. Sometimes I just lay in tense terror waiting for something bad to happen.

Today I am feeling foggy, is it the weed, my allergies, the new meds.. who knows but my head is full of cotton. Hate that with a passion.

This Friday sucks cause it is the end of my hubbies vacation with me. After this weekend I have to go a full week without him 😦 I hate being separated from my love.


Merry Xmas

Surprisingly Today has been wonderful. We woke up and had bacon and eggs for breakfast made by MIL and then we relaxed. Hubby and I walked through Schram Park and I took some pictures with my new camera. Did I mention I got a new camera? lol

Dinner was lovely a prime rib and baked potatoes which was absolutely delicious and we played some games. I had a couple glasses of wine but not enough to get drunk. Just enough to be calm.

Today the sun was up and the temperature was 50 degrees. I got some gorgeous sunset pictures, but I’ll post pictures tomorrow when I have some time. Tonight I’m just gonna chill.

So Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you are celebrating your holidays in the best mood possibly.

Rain, Rain Go Away

It’s been storming here all day. Some places are getting up to 5 inches of rain. There are severe storm warnings, flood warnings and just a general sense of unease amongst the animals and myself.

I find it very difficult to sleep during a thunderstorm at night since I became aware that tornados can happen in the dark. For some reason I never thought they could. Yet they do, joy!

I do love the sound of rain though. It is relaxing and makes me think of romance. I’m not sure why. Though living with your MIL is not romantic at all.

I have been craving some romance, I wish that I knew how to teach hubby how to be romantic.

Falling rains, some wine, a fire with soft conversation. Just something simple..

Anyhow rain you can stay but don’t be brewing up any scary ass wstorms.