Slip Sliding Away

My mood went from meh to downright deep depression. My daughter wished me Happy Mothers Day and I cried. Then I took my Lithium and went back to bed. My husband didn’t even notice I was gone.. Wonderful.

A few hours later I see him but it is because my mother is on the phone returning my call. I tried to sound upbeat while talking to her but honestly I just wanted to get off the phone and go back sleep.

I knew it was coming back but I was kind of hoping it would just be a lil bit, instead of full blown don’t even want to deal with life shit. Everything looks and feels hopeless.. I have to go out today and take pictures and I cant work the strength. I will do it, I wouldn’t let her down for any reason.

This makes me feel hateful, and tearful and angry and like I am at the bottom of a very deep well.  So dark like smokey ghosts surrounding me and cutting off my emotional attachments.. fuck.. I think I said that in my post earlier.. fuck.. normally it makes me feel better, right now.. it doesn’t. I need to go take those pictures maybe the sun will help..

I feel like I am going to throw up.. I just feel blech..


  1. We were in the same boat today. We’re so silly we suffer apart when talking might have made us both better. You’ll have my pics tomorrow. Today was just too hard. 😦


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