Not Sure What I’m Feeling

My therapy session was rally great. Honewtly I am so thrilled that my BFF found her for me. Plus the shrink in the office says it won’t be long before I will be able to start my ECT.

When I found that bit of news out I was more excited about it then th fact we are signing the contract for our house this weekend.

I also got some not so great news about someone I care for dearly. It’s really been an emotionally tumultuous day.

Currently I have no idea what I am feeling except itchy, fucking mosquitoes!


  1. Glad your therapy session was good and you like the therapist. Hope the ECT starts soon. Arggh feelings, sometimes so hard to describe. Bloody mosquitoes are a pain. I grew up with them at our holiday house, it was a nightmare. We used antiseptic to take the itch away.


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