Another Good Day + Mistakes

Last night I accidently posted my blog to my real life facebook.. ugh

Luckily it was a happy post and I don’t think most people noticed. Honestly it could have been so much worse.

Today has been a good day moodwise. I got some packing done and went out to visit the house so we could show MIL how it looks.

My iPad died because I forgot to charge it so my post was a little late tonight but at least I am still getting it done.



  1. That is one of my fears, that I will accidentally do something like that. I am afraid of posting something on facebook and having relatives or work people see it. I hate my facebook page. I had started a new one, that used my penn name that I use on wordpress, Annie.
    facebook closed it down because it is not my “real” name, although I feel more identified with the name Annie that my other name.
    The facebook page with my real name is hated by me , because there are people that friended me that i do not want on my facebook at all, but I cannot remove them because it would cause a big drama in my house and would cause me more trouble than it is worth.
    Be careful, and so will I



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