Even Family Night Isn’t Working

It’s family dinner time and I didn’t even have to cook but I am still miserable. ¬†You would think being surrounded by loved ones would pick up my mood but it hasn’t.

Next week I have to go and sign papers selling our house and go to the INS for my stuff for renewing my greencard and it’s stressing me out

I’m stressed and depressed what a joy! I’m honestly so miserable. I know it is going to stop at some point but since I don’t know when it feels unbearable.

Even my facebook posts and copies are dark and about depression. I’m finding it so hard to do anything.

Accomplishment for the day, I showered. That’s something. I mean it has to mean something. If I didn’t have an accomplishment a day I think I would just give up completely. I don’t think my husband understands how hard this cycle is being on me.

I should try to tell him.

Another Good Day + Mistakes

Last night I accidently posted my blog to my real life facebook.. ugh

Luckily it was a happy post and I don’t think most people noticed. Honestly it could have been so much worse.

Today has been a good day moodwise. I got some packing done and went out to visit the house so we could show MIL how it looks.

My iPad died because I forgot to charge it so my post was a little late tonight but at least I am still getting it done.