I Did Stuff

I actually feel physically crappy but I managed to do the dishes and laundry. I can never tell where I am emotionally when my body is being a dick.

I am also really damn fidgety it’s hard to just relax you know?

Is it mania? possibly .. I have am definitely experiencing a  lot of emotions.  I bawled my ass off today after watching some videos. I had a real reason to cry but I rarely do so it came as a shock, which just made me sob all the harder. I think it was cathartic though.

I really am missing my family right now. Especially my daughter and grandson. I wonder if I’ll ever get to meet him face to face and it hurts to think that I may not because of my stupid fears.

Being afraid all the time is so taxing.

One comment

  1. I’m glad I found your blog. I have Bipolar also, some docs think it’s a 1 while others say it’s a 2. I can remember feeling really crappy a lot when I was younger, I’m 50. You might grow out of it or get better, give it time. You seem to be a very likable person and I can see that reading your posts will be enjoyable.


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