What To Do?

I’m bored! I’m wandering around the house. I am wandering the web. I can’t find anything to do. How am I supposed to keep myself amused for the next few days. I’m trying to figure out not only what to do with myself now but as a career.. I need to become something.

I know I am super unstable. Working traditional means is just is not going to fly with me.  I don’t want to go back to be a phone sex operator though.  The money was good but it made me feel bad about myself. I do want to make money though. I would like to be able to at least support some of my habits without hubby having to worry. He works really hard and deserves not to stress about me and my hobbies and collections.

So I’m thinking, and I’m wandering and I’m seriously bored because I can’t find anything. *sigh*

I don’t want to a be a grown woman with an allowance. That’s what is going to happen when we get the house though if I don’t find a some sort of income.. oh well.. I suppose I have some time.

I need to draw more, I need to paint more.. maybe I’ll be good. *shrug*

Not a good day.

Hettie Wins The Lottery

For my blog post today I decided to do a 300 or less word story as challenge on

Today was like any other day Hettie put on her warm coat and the cane with 3 prongs to begin the climb up the slush covered road. She could see the bright green buds started to poke out on the trees and bushes and Hettie laughed to herself, looks like she would make it to age 98.

When she got to the General Store, Hector was waiting with her cup of coffee and helped her sit in her favorite seat. She handed him her dollar and he ran over and pointed at various scratch and wins and took out the one she nodded at. They made friendly conversation as he handed her the ticket then he walked off to do some other work.

Hettie pulled out her good luck penny while taking a sip of her strong black coffee. She smiled to herself as she slow scratched off each block on the card. She savored each one taking a full minute before moving onto the next. On the last scratch her eyes opened wide and she let out a little scream that had Hector rushing towards her. She had won the grand prize 150,000 dollars!

She looked at Hector and he nodded and smiled knowing exactly what would happen next. He quickly grabbed his coat. Helping Hettie to her feet they went out to his car where he drove her to Children’s Hospital. She walked in the front door and handed over the ticket.  The nurse hugged her and wanted to bring others over, but Hettie put her finger to her lips in a shushing fashion and walked back out of the hospital.

Hector dropped her off at the General Store and she began the slow walk home looking forward to her walk back tomorrow.