Traveling Tomorrow

So tomorrow we start our 9-10 hour drive to Dallas.

The good news is that I love road trips.  I love to see new places and my anxiety doesn’t always hinder me. In fact sometimes I am even more relaxed because I don’t feel the pressuresIdo where I live. The only thing I am really nervous about is meeting my best face-to-face.

The bad news is we got 6 inches of standing snow. We have to leave for the airport to pick up our rental car and our back wheels have no tread. We’ll likely have to ask MIL to take us and then we will need her to pick us up as well. She hates driving on the freeway/highway so I’m not sure she can even do it.

We have zero choice in going, so it should be an interesting morning tomorrow. As long as we’re safe I’m good, but I have a feeling that I am going to be holding onto the door handle with white knuckles for the first part of the trip.

I’m still looking forward to it though.

Fidget, Fidget

Today my mood is better which is a good thing because I am so fucking bored. I am beginning to wish that I drove. There is nothing to walk to near way I am. It’s like the middle of no where. The lake is pretty but it’s frozen and I don’t know how to skate.

When we get into our house there are a few things in biking distance and a lot more thing being built that I will be able to walk to. Plus I’ll have my stuff so I won’t be bored to death. I’ve been drawing a little but I really want to paint. I’m tired of not having access or ability to do the things that bring me happiness.

It’s day in and day out of TV. I can’t even seem to get into reading. The floor is disgusting so I can’t do yoga. ARGHHH!
At least being pissed because I’m bored is better than being pissed for no reason.

Again this is also really lonely. I’ve been talking to hubby on AIM, tried to get a hold of my BFF but she has a lot going on in her life so I only get to talk to her a bit here and there. I’m just glad she is in my life. Wish we lived closer.

She reminds me that life is worth living, even if you are bored senseless.