las vegas

Just A Short Post

I am still feeling pretty crappy so I am just gonna post some pictures from Vegas and one of my puppies.. They are all taken with the cell so not great quality but not bad either.005004009008


Tomorrow is Vegas

Tomorrow at noon we head out for the four hourish drive to Las Vegas. I am super excited about going, I am completely packed. Did some self loving, colored my hair a pretty burgundy and whitened my teeth. Girls gotta look her best right? ūüėÄ

I¬†was in a pretty good mood today and I’ve noticed the last couple of days my brain hasn’t been racing as much as it normally does.¬†A one point today though I started getting a little grumpy and the thoughts started stabbing me in the brain! I was pissed off, I really don’t want to be happy for the 3 days before I go to¬†Vegas and then¬† have a down turn there. So I went¬†and had a nap. Woke up¬†feeling much better. Though seriously I¬†could do without the headaches from the withdrawal.

Don’t you hate that the medications we take to make us feel better, usually have something¬†that makes¬†us feel worse¬†at the same time.¬†Especially when going off the damned things. I¬†can’t wait to be completely off the Lamictal. I also can’t wait until I get the see the ECT¬†doc. I’m very excited about that. Having to only take one pill to control the mood swings would be amazing!

Anyhow I am off to watch Game of Thrones and try to get some sleep before tomorrow. Talk to you then!