Yesterday was a pretty good day mood wise and today has been ok as well. I think this is what normal feels like? I am not over the top happy, but I’m not sad either. I could get used to it. Will it last? That’s the million dollar question isn’t it.

Today to take care of the need to cut all my hair off, I shaved my head up to behind my ears. That way when it is up it is a lot cooler and when it is down it hides it. Kind of a compromise. It’s weird to see blonde again, I’ve been every color but it for a very long time. Makes me wonder if I should let the red grow out. Meh who knows, it would definitely save me some time.

With the hay fever and maybe still a little of the withdrawal from the Viibryd or maybe the going up to 900mg of lithium my stomach is not happy. I just got back from the grocery store and thought that I might actually hurl in the aisle. Positive thing though I didn’t panic or run I just breathed through it. I also feel nauseated when I am hungry which honestly seems like the wrong response to hunger.

On a side note, I am making a video for my BFF, she says I am fearless so I am going to try and do something just that. I hope it turns out. If I like it then I will post it on the blog. If I don’t only she will see it and maybe hubby. I think it is funny that I am less shy with her about some things than my husband.

I called my shrink today to ask about my lithium and the strangest thing happened. He answered the phone. He was actually a pretty decent guy today maybe I am wrong about him. *shrug*

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