Still So Grumpy

I realize that the moods are going to vary. We are human and I feel that us bipolars are just way more passionate about everything we feel. So much so that we need to be medicated!!!

I was screaming at hubby today as we left to go and try to find a movie to watch. What was I screaming about, I have no damn clue anymore. However a sentence that I said during it caused me to shut up and start bawling. That sentence was …. You know something bad is going to happen right?

A lot of good thing have been happening, I don’t deal well with thing going well and it seems to be causing some mania. As I think about that wonderful high day I had it was definitely was hypo mania. Sure I was happy but I was thrumming with it. It was electric.

I can’t seem to find a level point.

Hubby and I Have decided that I would take on one client for now and see how it goes. I never really thought about it being a trigger for hyper-sexuality, thank you Kitt, that is something I really need to keep an eye on that if I actually get a client.

Thank you to everyone who comments! I’ve mentioned before that I am horrible at responding to comments and then I get to a point where I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings if I forgot to respond. I try to be sensitive.

However you guys are amazing and supportive and I you touch my heart and give me hope when tiffs ad feeling pretty hopeless. Thank you so much.


  1. It’s amazing to me how I feel very paranoid and anxious and something negative dots happen that day. Sometimes it’s my poor choice but sometimes another person I care about. I was very passionate about being psychic especially when hypo the medicine has taken that away and just left anxious with my own poor choices. Sorry for the tangent but these are the thoughts on your post. I always enjoy your blog.


  2. Wow, you mentioned me in your post. I’m flattered. I am easily triggered by social stimulation, but hypersexuality has not been an issue for me. Medication tampers my sex drive, unfortunately. Some people act out sexually when manic or hypomanic. As long as you and your husband are honest and on the same page, you seem to be taking care of both yourself and your marriage. Best of luck. No need to answer comments. Just take care of yourself.


  3. Sometimes the negative thinking can become a self fulfilling prophecy. And sometimes it is our mental illness playing up and affecting us. It’s hard to always know the difference. You are probably the best to know the signs of oncoming mania, having been through them many times before.
    Good luck.


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