Video Blog, Enjoy!


  1. Great job, Colleen! You are welcome and are under no means expected to respond to our comments. We are just supporting you. We understand what it is like to overextend yourself (as we do, as well). Take care of yourself. Your hair looks gorgeous!

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  2. Thank you SO much, Colleen, for appreciating my comments in your video – it was the coolest surprise. You totally made me feel great!!!! As my friend Kitt wrote, don’t ever, ever feel like you need to reply to our comments. Your explanation in the video said it all.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair! I love your blog! Again, I’m proud of your impressive weight loss. I’ll probably be commenting more in the year to come because I’m so excited for you. I think things are going to take off in your life….life will get a lot better.

    So, if you see those comments, remember I wrote NOT to reply unless you absolutely want to! :))))))))))) Sending you lots of love, Dy


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