Low carb

Keeping The Resolutions

So today I talked to my shrink and the insurance company denied my rexulti so we need to press forward and try to get it handled. I hope they do since the med actually helps! I am almost out of pills so my shrink gave me some samples and then I went out to lunch with hubby.  I ate a good lowish carb meal and tried to interact somewhat with the waitress.  Pretty good since I am feeling like crap and didn’t even want to go out. When hubby asked me originally I said no but then I remembered that I want to do the things Dani would have challenged me to do if she were still alive.

That’s about it for today!

I’m Just Not Ok

I still am not feeling great and I am starting to experience some anxiety. It had mostly taken a backseat the last few months but it hit me today whilst in a Arby’s.

I did what anyone does hen stricken with the urge to run and that was suggest that we sit down and eat as opposed to eating in the car.

It was really hard but I stayed the whole meal.

I am stressed about going to the therapist tomorrow, I am not sure if it is because of having my mom in law take me, the actual appointment or because we are signing the contract for the house this weekend.

I am also starting back on a low carb diet. This might also be adding to things. I would like a nice weekend alone with my husband with no intruptions, no stress and lots of sex. Did I mention we haven’t had sex since we got here. Not great for the whole feeling close thing.

It’s gonna get better right?