Feeling Even Better.. Achooooo

Another day with no lithium and my flu is feeling better. The constant need to pee is almost gone and I sorta slept last night.

Tonight hubby went out to dinner with the people from work, it happens every 3 months or so and usually I can handle it ok. Tonight though he was at this incredible restaurant on the ocean and it looked so romantic. (He was taking pictures) it started setting off my insecurities. I’m going to voice them here because I know they are ridicuous but need to get them off my chest.

1) He is ‘seeing’ someone from work. This person lives in Omaha so that is why he even brought up us moving back there.

2) While saying that the move would be good for me, we will be spending less time to together. I worry he will be more out of touch.

3)I think he’s a god so everyone else will right?

honestly these things seem even more stupid typed out. It’s the way my brain works though. I think that if I get some therapy I will learn to realize that he loves me and that’s why he is nice to me not because he is guilty of some crime.


  1. If I may ask, what is the reason for him wanting to move? Is it the same area you lived before? Will you know anyone else around you?
    Main reason I ask, and my story is a little different as I was alone. I moved a long way from home an knew nobody. That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Had nobody to lean on. Nearly committed suicide again.
    Be careful is all. No judgements


    1. Honestly it’s a we thing, I think he would prefer to stay in Cali but he knows I need family and his family is in Omaha. He doesn’t like me being alone and isolated all the time. I just well get crazy..


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