Ali I am sitting here at the hospital waiting for my appt and it’s already gone an hour over. They are really behind. I am lucky my husband is here to keep me distracted or else I would be going postal.

I feel bad when I laugh at something he says or does or even smiles, everyone looks so miserable here. I know right this moment is not bad for me but most of the time it is. They don’t know that though.

I dunno how long I’ll be waiting but t least I came. I’ll try to let you know how it goes.


  1. Great that you are attending the appointment. Whenever I go to any doctor I assume that there will be delays. Set the expectations low and then the anxiety and other stuff does not kick in. And I always get to appointment well before the time I need to be there which makes the wait even longer. And I keep in mind that if I needed the extra time then i would get the same service, rather than being rushed through so as to stay on time.
    I hope it goes well.


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