Day 7

Well last night about 4am I woke up with almost a migraine headache. Then my nose was running this morning. I think I am getting a head cold. No chills or fevers so not worried about the flu. I can deal with a head cold and if the head ache is because of the withdrawal I can deal with that too. I do have some body aches but they are slight.

My mood today was good but I was super tired I slept until 1:30pm then went back to have a nap at 4:00pm I was just so tired. I still feel tired. Course getting woken up before 8 in the morning every day is super new for me and is going to take some adjusting.  Honestly so far I am not seeing a difference without the rexulti. That may prove to be different, we’ll see.

I was told Havanese were really barky. It’s damn true. She barks and barks and barks, and right now it’s this high pitched thing which sometimes sounds like someone is testing the fire alarm. I knew what I was getting into. Right now because I am not downstairs she is barking for me to come back. I’m secretly happy as that means she is attached to me and I really wanted one of the dogs to be like that. I could do without the barking though.

Not much else to say other than I won’t be writing my blog stoned again, or at least not as stoned as I was because it really took me forever to write a damn blog post.

Til Tomorrow.



My head and mouth is killing me, I haven’t taken any Percocet because it makes me itch and I am pretty sure that is not a reaction I want to be having. I have been hmm and hawing it for the last few hours if I should change my mind and go for it. Needless to say this blog will be short. Hard to write when the head hurts.

met with the psychologist today and she was pretty nice. I’m gonna keep her for now and see how things go.   Gonna start once a week and I will also be seeing a shrink that is in the same office so I I’ll be hooked up. Can’t wait to start working on things.

anyhow gonna go to bed, head hurts to much!