Stupid Moods

These moods are driving me crazy. Somehow I am still managing to write. I can’t paint though it’s frustrating. I’m trying to do the daily prompt everyday on my other blog and todays was ‘the kindness of strangers’. I had nothing. I had to make up a fictional story. I’ve gotten kind words but have never really gotten help from a stranger and the words are from people online.

I’ve wracked my brain thinking that maybe I am missing something. There has to be something right? Nope. I can barely think of a time where the people I have known in my life have shown me kindness let alone a stranger. It’s rather depressing. It feels like people have been more apt to hurt me then help me.

I don’t understand why. I think I am a good person. I always try to be kind. Sometimes the bipolar bitch slips through but most of the time I always try to be nice and helpful. I give money to people outside of stores have bought food for people who needed it. Have supported family and friend as much as I could.

This makes me feel sad and lonely and like a piece of shit..



P.S I am not discrediting the kindness of the comments from people who have/do read my blog. Thank you it means a great deal to me. I got so caught up in my self pity I didn’t realize how it sounded. I truly appreciate you all.