New Pills and Art

Michaels is having a sale on canvases so I bought a ton of new ones to paint on. Currently I have the black done on a large pain tingling I am working on. I aml hoping to do a creepy halloweenie like painting.
I also went and saw my shrink and therapist today and all Both spots went well. My therapist is helping me trying to figure out how not to be afraid of being mortal and my psychiatrist suggested I try Xanax xr twice a day to help with the anxiety since the clonezapam doesn’t seem to do anything. I am also going to be starting to take Latuda which is a medication made specifically for bipolar depression. It can have some shitty side effects but it can work pretty damn well so I am going to try it and see what happens.
Anyone tried it? Would love to here how it works for you?


  1. Hey, I have never done the Latuda stuff. My experience with Xanax was miserable. I kept having to double the dose and frequency. The whole thing with anxiety is the following-
    I would think, ” i am afraid” and then think ” oh god I am afraid” and then thinK ” oh god i am afraid, i am afraid that i am gonna be afraid” ad naseuam. I have found that if i catch myself at that, then i am doing better. Also, when i ask, ” What if?” questions..
    the answer is ” SO WHAT?” anyway wanted to say hello..


  2. Art is really good therapy, the problem with me is I start one thing and then find something and start that and so on, then end up with tons of supplies. Haven’t tried the painting, but started an art journal and it is fun to keep. As for the meds, was on that, they kept increasing and it helped but got addicted and going off was not pleasant. Enjoy the art, it’s wonderful for keeping your mind of crap and cathartic.


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