Went Out Today

Today I walked round our block catching Pokemon and talking with my husband. I also went to Walmart and did grocery shopping. I haven’t felt like writing or really doing anything at all so there have been no real accomplishments except going on living.

Today I am just sitting back relaxing listening to tunes and smoking green.

The depression has been weighing on me quite a bit lately. I really think I need to set an alarm for blogging again. Ya I think I will, if I remember.. hehe.

I hope to be returning back to writing daily soon.

A Boring Day

Today when I woke up my direct TV wasn’t working so I had no TV. I was not in the mood for anything that I had that could be streamed so I spent most of my day on Facebook and listening to Pandora on my iPad.

I went for a walk around the block even though I feel like shit and caught two new pokemon.

Other than that it was a boring day. How I dread getting out of bed on depressive days. Which honestly seem to be every single day right now.


Sick or Something

I don’t know what is going on with me but my whole body aches. I feel okay other than that. Well I’m also feeling the cold a little more than usual. I think I might be coming down with a flu or something. Maybe it’s just cause I’m in horrible shape and haven’t moved around a lot lately.

I got my phone replaced so I can go back to playing Pokemon and getting some walking in.

I am very lucky that my husband is going to have a four day weekend and I am looking forward to spending that time with him. Wow finally released it’s new expansion so I imagine that we will be spending a lot of time doing that. Honestly if my computer chair didn’t suck balls I could do that all day. I hope he doesn’t mind taking breaks!


Going Out

Haven’t been doing much of it honestly and I truly am missing it. I didn’t realize that I would until well here I am.

Actually gonna see if I can talk hubby into going for a walk in a bit. I need some poke balls.


We went out and had lunch at a restaurant and also did some poke stuff. It was cool when I make myself do something.



Just Do It

I don’t have a lot of want to do things today yet I did. I actually suggested going out and looking for pokemon this afternoon and we founds 3-4 new ones! So I’m glad I pushed myself.

I really need to cut my nails they are getting in the way constantly. Makes typing horrible.


More Outside Time

Tonight I went and explored our downtown whilst hunting pokemon. It was nice to get out. It’s a really small town so it’s this super cute older looking downtown. Got me out walking and I caught some brand new pokemon I haven’t caught yet.

My mood has been good today. I hate saying that so much. It makes me worry about the depression that will rear it’s ugly head at some point instead of just enjoying myself. I worry about worrying I worry so much. Is’t that quite the sentence.

I almost missed writing my blog. almost.. I made it though.


I Did More Stuff

Today I went out of the house to catch pokemon and get some keys made at a store. I apparently really needed to get out of the house because when hubby suggested it I jumped on that train. hehe.

Going into the store to get keys made was actually my idea and I took a picture of us outside for my Facebook.

I’m also showing an interest in all the things I have been DVRing for months.

I’m still not physically feeling great but I got to ignore it which was nice for a while.

Maybe I am coming out of my depression, maybe hubby was right. I so hope not, I hate telling him he’s right. I like being right lol.

Waiting For Fall

Today I just want to say that I can’t wait for Autumn. I love the crisp air, the earthy smells and Halloween. It’s still a couple months away but I get excited thinking about it.

Right now it’s so damn hot you can’t leave your house for a walk. I can’t collect pokemon. So I’m feeling trapped. If I don’t leave my house that should be my choice, not the weathers.. dammit.

What I forgot to report is last Saturday we went out to my MiL and went out on the boat and had a BBQ and I was pretty good on the anxiety front. It helps when the people you are surrounded with make you feel loved.  I relaxed some so I guess it is possible for me to leave my anxious state. Now if I can just channel that.

It’s the weekend so I will at least stop being so lonely for a couple of days.