Tonight I Went To The Store

Tonight I went to Target with my husband and walked around the whole store.  I even asked someone for assistance.  Not a big deal for most but for me it’s a huge one!

I haven’t been out really except for a few walks with my husband so this was a pretty big deal.  I think no I know that I shocked him when I agreed to go.

My mood has been up and down and I’m still having a hard time finding things I enjoy doing but I’m going to keep trying.

I imagine that my shrink will be increasing my pristiq when I go see her and hopefully it will help.

One step at a time right?


Target Pokemon

While my mood wasn’t much better today than it’s been I did two things. I walked downtown to play Pokemon and I went to Target to shop for my favorite things. Halloween decorations. We got some pretty good ones too. I still think we need something a little more scary but our house is gonna be totes adorbs! (yes it’s not english and I don’t care)

I almost forgot to write my blog but I actually remembered all on my own without my alarm and here I am.

I’m still hopeful that I might be on an upswing and it’s just taking a while to hit me.  Who knows?!?

Date Day

Today I had a lovely day with my husband. The day started off with little excitement but the promise of a few short hours together. I was happy with it.

We had to go out and get wrapping paper for my SIL’s birthday tomorrow so we headed out into the sunshine and went to Target. After shopping at target we didn’t feel any urge to go home so we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart to dream about and price the furniture we want and need for our new home. Even though we can’t buy anything now it is fun to go out and enjoy looking at this and that.

After that we went out to lunch, the normal Italian place we went to was closed down for a while so we ended going to Olive Garden which we haven’t  been to in years. It was nice to finally eat a salad. Not something we normally  do but it was delicious and fun and my anxiety was actually minimum.

We got home a little over 4:00 and got to finally have some close intimate time. Shortly there after I feel into a deep sleep which was supposed to just be a doze but hubby let me sleep way to long and when i woke up weren’t alone anymore. Makes me a little sad.

Yet we had a good day filled with holding hands and laughter. 😀

Still Down

I am still down. I didn’t let it control me though. Though I did sleep a lot. I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

I called my shrink and asked her to raise my dosage of Latuda. I didnt hear anything back today so hopefully I will know more by Monday. I think it has been long enough to decide to increase the dosage.

I went outside several times. I went and had lunch and went out shopping at  Target and went out to see the house. I walked around by myself in Target and felt something quite confident. Which doesn’t seem like much to the normal person but as someone with social anxiety it really feels like a huge step.

I really need to get some new glasses seeing better would be awesome.

I watched a bunch of maria bamford videos. I think she is my new role model.

Things Are Actually Pretty Great Right Now

I have been in a pretty amazing mood today, jovial would be a great one word description. I went out and did some clothes shopping at Target!! I was so happy with myself for doing it and so loved to be able to touch and smell the clothing before I got it. I mean Amazon rocks but you can’t compare it to actually being able to be 100% positive you got the right size.

Yes shopping is my addiction of choice but I didn’t go overboard and got a few cute outfits for Las Vegas. I am hoping that I will be able to wear more than one out, if things stay up that is a good possibility. I tend to not be so anxious when I am like this. Plus I don’t completely hate myself right now which is more than a little unusual but I’ll take any of the positive things that come my way.

I have my bag all packed and ready to go, does it say something that I am bring a duffle bag and hubby is bring a medium suitcase? lol A girl can never be too prepared. Shoes and makeup and clothes and jewelry and hair stuff. When I do myself up for his mom’s wedding I might get him to take a picture so I can post it to the blog. We’ll see how that goes.

Either way I will be writing each night from our Hotel room and plan on sharing how everything is going.  I’m going to go do something creative now. TTFN