Purposely Didn’t Write

My alarm went off and instead of hitting snooze or writing the blog I just shut it off. I was hanging with my sis in law, drinking and listening to tunes. I was relaxed and didn’t want to get out of the zone.

I almost didn’t write today but I certainly don’t need that to become a habit.

Today has been good, visited with sis in law a little today and mom in law is spending the night. Tomorrow hubby comes home.!! Yay!


Usually they mean well in everything they do, well the good ones anyhow. However my hubby thought it was a great idea to shut my blog alarm off before we watched the last of Supernatural.

So I did not post yesterday, I’m frustrated but really there is nothing you can do if you miss something. Just try to be more attentive to things.

Today I am feeling tired. I dunno why I slept my normal 10 hours. I am just super tired and bored.

I’m out of weed, not stopping, just out.  Which is also frustrating.

So I’m sleepy, frustrated and bored.

Sorry there is nothing interesting to read today.



I don’t know if I should post when I remember to post or just when my alarm goes off. Waiting for the alarm gives me more of a chance of something happening to me. Otherwise, it’s Reba til Two, The Middle til Five, Last Man Standing til Eight, The Middle til ten, then mike & molly, two broke girls til midnight where I go to bed.

Sometimes I stop watching TV and actually play on my computer or paint.

Then there are those rare days where I leave the house.

Today I think I’ll just stick with my original plan and chill on the couch for the day, I have no motivation.

P.S. I’m sorry if I don’t respond to comments, I love reading them, I’m just not good at responding and I don’t want people to feel left out if I don’t know what to say. I’m very happy that I got as many comments as I did about my tunes.

Social Media

In some ways I think that all the social media that we have these days is a huge mistake. Kids are spending more time with their electronics than playing and enjoying life outside.  We text instead of talking and post anonymously about things we believe in.

Yet if I never had a computer, I would never have met my husband. I wouldn’t half this blog as an outlet and I wouldn’t be able to see all the wonderful things going on with my family in Canada.

Social Media definitely has its place in our world. Hopefully we can find a nice balance before we all turn into shut ins..

Today I’m Feeling Regret

I’m feeling regret at harnessing myself to writing my blog every day. I know it is good for me though, so I will keep trying to do it.

I’m feeling regret at the fact that I can’t think of anything to say.

Today I am anxious.

I came, I conquered.

Missed A Day Dammit!

I have an alarm that goes off every day to remind me to do my blog. Some days I don’t need it but apparently yesterday I did because I forgot to write. I’ll try not to beat myself up over it. It’s only one day.

Today I don’t really have much to write about honestly. Not much going on. The allergens are so bad right now that my head feels like a swollen balloon! Least my headache seems to be lighter than the one I had yesterday.

I’m not depressed today but I’m not exactly happy either cause I feel kind of crappy. Hard to be happy about that. I can smile though and laugh at things so that is definitely heading in the right direction.



I’m feeling so blah. My alarm went off in the middle of me watching TV.  I set an alarm to write my blog everyday.  I figure it will help.

I don’t really want to do anything.  I don’t want to write. I don’t want to watch anymore TV. I just want to crawl into bed, I feel like complete garbage on top of being depressed.

Sometimes there might be a novella and sometimes it may just be a word or two but I will write every day again.

Blech. Least I accomplished something by doing it.

A Question

Do you think I should start posting daily again? I’m feeling torn on it. I miss it though a lot

I’ve Been Posting Every Other Day

It doesn’t feel natural though to be not posting every day. I don’t want to get out of the habit of it either. I need to fix my shit and get back to writing every day. I wasn’t going to post every day because I don’t always have something to say and I don’t want people to be bored but I am going to make sure I do it for myself.

My mood has been kind of middle of the road. I managed to make it being by myself until almost 10 o’clock last night though because hubby had a work dinner. So I think that I handled that pretty good. I didn’t crawl into bed and I didn’t break down into tears and was even encouraging about it. So good for me.

It’s grey out today and it’s hard to be in a good mood when the world is cold and yucky. I’m trying though. Think I am going to do some housework or workout or something physical.

Last Post For Several Days

Tomorrow we move into our new house and we’ll be spending the next week unpacking and getting things set up.

I’ll have internet on Saturday so if I’m not completely exhausted I will try and post then but no promises.

Anyhow off to finish the last of the packing….. see you soon!